Friday, September 14, 2012

How To Make Money With Adfoc.Us

Today you'll learn the way to alter Make Money Online creating method mistreatment twitter and, this works by mechanically posting helpful and topic connected updates to your twitter account whereas having links mechanically contracted mistreatment and announce to your twitter account, earning you some profit the method.

How Works:

People Get Paid To advertise with, and other people UN agency shrink their links with get a cut of the profit on every occasion somebody clicks associate shortened link.

When the shortened link is clicked, there'll be a five second ad shown to the one that clicked the link before they're able to advance to the page they wished to look at.

Create A Twitter Account:

Create a Twitter account supported a precise niche, perhaps regarding baseball, or weight loss, no matter you would like, I favor to associate with what interest Maine, sort of a hobby.

Create A Twitterfeed Account:

Go to and register for a free account, i will discuss this later.

Create Associate Adfoc.Us Account:

Get To Paid

Head on over to, and click on the "JOIN NOW" button close to the highest, fill out all the required data.

At all-time low of the shape, ensure your account sort is about to "link shrinker". solely pays through PayPal or "AlertPay", thus take care you are signed up with one in every of the 2.

Okay, thus currently what you would like to try to to is attend Google, and seek for any web site that posts data and updates regarding the precise niche that you simply selected to base your twitter account on.

When you realize the positioning you would like, rummage around for one thing on the page which will link you to it websites RSS feed, If you have got bother finding if they supply feeds or not, you'll either attend "FIND" or "SEARCH" situated in your browsers toolbar and sort RSS within the search box, or enter the net web site address in Google and add rss once it.
eg: rss

This will sometimes bring you to a page wherever you'll choose what rss feed you would like, thus me sites provide multiple rss feeds so choose the one you're feeling fits your wants.

Add Feed To Twitterfeed:

For this step all you have got to try to to is copy the address of of the feed you would like to use, and paste it in to twitterfeed.

Add no matter you would like for the name, and within the "Blog address or RSS Feed URL" space, copy/paste (add) the address of the rss feed you would like to use.

Example On The Top
On identical screen click the "Advanced Settings" button and attend "shorten link through", there's a sink box beside it, open it up and scroll to all-time low and choose "Custom", Leave it empty for currently and return to, whereas logged in to attend the highest of the page and click on Tools, on the tools page attend "API Documentation" and click on.

On this page you will see a link that looks like this

# represents your id and key.

Now take your key and uid and place it in this link (replace the # with your key and uid) Must Be Replaced With %@ In order for this to work.

Now when that's done, all you have to do is copy and paste your new link into the twitterfeed Custom endpoint box and "Continue to step 2" on twitterfeed.

"There are more advanced options that will serve you well, but you can play around with that on your own time."

Last Step:

Make sure that you are logged in to the twitter account that you want to use with twitterfeed, you are going to want to activate your twitter account with twitterfeeds oauth so it will automatically post feed/blog updates to your twitter account using the rss feed that you provided to twitterfeed, when that's all done, click done at the bottom, twitter will now get updated feed posts from twitterfeed, and the links in each post will now be automatically shrunk using and posted to your twitter updates, and every time someone clicks your link, you make a bit of cash.


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