Friday, December 31, 2010

Get To Paid Online By Clicking

Do you want to know on How To Earn Money through online jobs just by working at home?
 IncraseBux Payment Proof

If you want to earn money or earn extra money while you are at home you should follow this Step By Step Procedure.

This is the Qualifications on How To Earn Money!
  • You are not advisable to be good in Computers.
  • Just about 5 - 20 Minutes only you spend daily. The longer you do it the better!
  • In fact I do this while I am log in my facebook account or while I am playing online games.

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If you are ready to Earn Extra Money Please Read the following Procedure..


Please Register First on the Following Payment Procesor like PAYPAL and ALERT PAY. (You need Paypal or AlertPay account because this is where you will put the money you will earn or Cashout)   

Please click this link PAYPAL if you don't have PAYPAL account.
Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.
Please Click this link ALERTPAY if you don't have ALERTPAY account.


Just choose PERSONAL account type when you register on PAYPAL and ALERTPAY.


Your Online PTC Jobs Starts here.

Watch the Video Tutorial for Incrasebux below!

STEP A. Right click on this link then click Open Link in New Tab to register

STEP B. Complete your Registration. Fill up all the necessary information needed.

STEP C. Click the Log In Button

STEP D. Log on to your Account. (your USERNAME, PASSWORD and VERIFICATION CODE)

STEP E. Upon logging in to your account, CLICK on SURF ADS as illustrated below to start your daily job.

STEP F. CLICK on the ADVERTISEMENT then Click the Red Button and NEW WINDOW will APPEAR.
STEP G. Wait until the timer ends and confirmation will show that tells YOU HAVE BEEN CREDITED FOR CLICKING THE ADVERTISEMENT then CLICK THE CLOSE.

Then proceed again to STEP F until all ads are click.
Note: Make sure you click all the ads and please when clicking on the ads one at a time only.

STEP I. After you finish to click all the ads now you should share it to your friends and family or Facebok, Friendster and Twitter Friends so that you will earn when they register under your account.. Share it now...

STEP J. After you share the Referral Link to your Friends then Come Back Tomorrow and repeat STEP C do the Step by Step procedure always and you will see you will earn a lot of money..(Note: Do this everyday.) 

Take note the more referrals you have the more potential you increase your earnings. 
*How to get more referrals click here for tutorial. 
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Thank you I hope this Tutorial will help you a lot...

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