Sunday, July 3, 2011

Get To Paid: Basic Tips and Strategy on How to get more REFERRALS!

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Most of the people trying different strategy to get more referrals in order to increase their income massively. So I want to share some basic tips, strategy and experience to get referrals for your PTC Program (Paid To Click).  Every website or blog needs traffic. Traffic is another name for website visitors.
The more traffic your website gets the more potential direct referrals are coming to
your PTC and the more money you will make. These tips are those who just joined such online earning programmed like PTC. Here are the following Tips and Strategy to get more REFERRALS and to be Get To Paid.

  1.   Build a Blog or Website:

     In order to promote your PTC program or online earning programmed you must create a blog or a website so that it will help you to get more referrals. On my own experience I create a blog for the PTC Program that I’ve join and then I make a tutorial or step by step procedure on how to earn money online like the way I do now and I also put my Payment Proofs on my blog so that they will convince to join. Just be more creative and most of all create a good tutorial on how to earn money online. 

2.   Use Social Networking Sites:

Promote your online earning programmed or a website through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Friendster and Myspace. This is one of the best ways to get more visitors to your website or blog. I will share to you on how to use social networking sites. On my own experience I get more referrals here in Facebook. For example I upload my proof of payments here in Facebook after I upload all of them I tag this to all my friends make sure your proof of payments there is a link back to your blog or your referral link I am sure you will get more referrals. Watch the video below for tutorial.

3.   Advertise:

If you have sufficient balance in your pocket you can advertise your referral link through advertising websites like Google, Adsense, Bidvertiser, etc or you can join on a Traffic Exchange Program. What is Traffic Exchange Program? For every ads or sites you visit on this program you will also receive back to your site or your referral link. Meaning the more you view ads the more visitors visit your blog or referral link and the chances to get more referrals. If you want to join on this kind of Traffic Exchange Program click the banner below. For EasyHits4u Tutorial click this link

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4.  Use Forum Posting and Blog Commenting:

This is also another strategy to get more referrals and to get more visitors to visit your blog. I join on a different kind of forum and then I communicate or reply on their threads when I reply on those threads I have a signature link back to my blog or website, for every thread you make or by replying there is a chance to get more referrals and more visitors to come to your site because they can see your link in the forum. Also when you go to blog and you comment you have also a link there back to your site the more blog commenting and forum posting you do the more chances to get more referrals.


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