Friday, July 8, 2011

Get More Referrals Using EasyHits4U

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EastHits4U Tutorial:  
STEP A. Click this link to register
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STEP B. Click JOIN NOW then Fill up all the necessary information needed.

STEP C. After you Fill Up all the necessary information you can now Log-In. Log on to your Account then click Enter. (your USERNAME and PASSWORD) 

STEP D. Before you can click ADS you need to set up first you're SITES or your REFERRAL Links that you want to promote in this kind of Traffic Exchange. Now click MY SITES then set up first your URL or the link that you want to promote and then fill up the TITLE field. In the Title field you can use the name of you're blog or the PTC Referral link then click Submit Site. Please see the screenshot below for more details.

STEP E. After you click the submit button then something will pop-up. Kindly wait for the timer ends and then click Confirm button. Please see the screenshot below.

STEP F. After you set up you're sites you can now view ads, just simple click Start Surfing to view ads then choose pictures or words that was the same to each other. Before you click the pictures you must wait first to end the timer. See the screenshot below for more details.
Note: For every ads you view, you will receive one visitor back to your site. It's so simple if you view 100 ads per day, you will receive also 100 visitor back to your site, blog, salespage or your PTC Program. The more you view ads the more chances to get more referrals to your PTC and the more income you will generate.

Note: For every ads you view 50% of that automatic go to your sites and the other 50% is saved to your credits, you must do manually assign to all of your sites and also please take note of this for every 1000 Ads you view it has a equivalent of $0.30 cents as you can see my payment proof above EasyHits4U that they are paying to their members and not that's all this kind of Traffic Exchange you can get a FREE Credits from your referrals on 5 levels. For every referrals you get if they browse 100 ads you will be given $0.10 cents. For example you get 10 referrals and all of them they browse 100 ads you will given $1.00 dollar. What are you waiting for Join Now, Click Ads and then Invite more friends to get more FREE Credits and also to Earn Money Online.

Please take note again after you click 25 Ads and 50 Ads you will receive a reward from EasyHits4u. Just click the Claim Your Prize Now Button if you see like the below screenshot.

Take note the more referrals you have the more potential you increase your earnings. 
*How to get more referrals click here for tutorial.

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Thank you I hope this TUTORIAL will help you a lot... 
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